Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui

Aroma: Light Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 58% ABV

Ingredients: Sorghum

Tasting Notes: A hint of flowers and quite smoot despite its strength.

Description: The Taiwan tobacco and liquor company established its baijiu distillery in 1950. All their baijiu brands are distilled three times and aged for at least six months.

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4 thoughts on “Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui baijiu Was with a business delegation, middle of last year, we were introduced to baijiu then. My first drink was Yushan light aroma. This has a floral fruit taste and it was smooth on the tongue despite its strength. I have had many different brands since that dayReply
  2. Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui The nose recalls fruits macerated in alcohol. The complex taste, with some acid touches, The finish from an average length. An excellent bottle, but I was a little bit disappointed. I'll probably have to taste it a second time in better conditions...Reply
  3. Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui At the first tasting, the nose was clearly marked by the alcohol citrus freshness, mixed to a light smell of ripe peaches. A pleasant finish, with slight acid touches.Reply
  4. Yushan Kaoliang Taibaizui A pleasant nose is mixing smells with peach and raspberry. The taste developers fruity hints, first citrus fruits, then red fruits (raspberries). A wonderful finish, recalling the mixed touches the nose detected. a lingering finish.Reply

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