Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old

Aroma: Mixed Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 50% ABV

Ingredients: Sorghum

Tasting Notes: A faint cheesy smell with a strong pepper like finish.

Description: The Yuquan distillery is located in a village just outside of Harbin in North Eastern China and is surrounded by mountains, the distillery gets its name from the clear streams running around it. The VATS group purchased the distillery in 2008.

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4 thoughts on “Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. The nose is marked by spicy and cheesy sweetness. The oily palate is well balanced and goes on floral and fruity touches. The finish reveals some peppery hints. Not a bad baijiu at all.

  2. The nose is has a cheesy smell and some discrete leather hints. The palate recognizes the leather as well, but also some mix of flowers and ripe fruits, which make it a rather sweet and pleasant baijiu, but without complexity. The finish is pleasant too, with however some alcohol touches on the background.

  3. Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old A very complex nose, with cheesy. In the palate, the fruit is very present, with the impression of sweetness in the mouth... A lingering and warm finish.Reply
  4. Yuquanjiu 50 Year Old The first tasting, the nose was clearly marked by a slightly blue cheese, mixed to a light smell of ripe fruits . In the palate, first sweet and evolves quickly on citrus and ripe fruits. A pleasant finish, with warm touches.Reply

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