Yongfeng Erguotou Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Yongfeng Erguotou Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Yongfeng Erguotou

Aroma: Light Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 42%

Ingredients: Sorghum

Tasting Notes: This has a mild and savoury, slightly bitter taste. With a clean finish.

Description: This distillery has had an arduous past, with a few name changes along the way. Then the Beijing Erguotou distillery established itself. It is now also producing strong aroma baijiu.

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4 thoughts on “Yongfeng Erguotou Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. Yongfeng Erguotou The nose is marked by savoury feel. The taste does not really respond to the expectations by the nose and is relatively plain, the finish is slightly bitter, long and evokes floral hints.Reply
  2. Yongfeng Erguotou This bottle is balanced, between the savoury and vanilla hints and some more spicy touches. The whole is rather pleasant. The finish with an average length, extends the pleasure for some short minutes.Reply
  3. Yongfeng Erguotou A powerful nose, with hints of citrus mixed with some bitters in the palate, the vanilla disappears to make room for spiced touches. The finish is not to long.Reply
  4. Yongfeng Erguotou A rather aggressive nose, a nice smoothness in the palate, also some discrete savoury tastes. The whole in a clean complex context. A pleasant and rather short finish.Reply

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