Rouhe Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Rouhe Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Rouhe

Aroma: Sauce Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 54%

Ingredients: Sorghum

Tasting Notes: This has a faint sweet melon smell with a liquorice after taste.

Description: Rouhe started a hundred years ago as Juyuanyong distillery to become the Qiqihar distillery in 1951. In 1981 the distillery changed names again to Beidacang.

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4 thoughts on “Rouhe Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. Rouhe Baijiu A rather neutral nose, followed by a pleasant but very dry taste, with fruit hints. The whole is rather dry, not really complex, with a final recalling the taste of cheap baijiu. But the cheap aspect of this bottling makes is rather sympathetic.Reply
  2. Rouhe Baijiu Was with a group of friends at a Chinese restaurant, where I tried baijiu for the first time it was a Rouhe 5 year, Sauce aroma with an ABV of 54% This has a faint sweet melon smell with a liquorice after taste, quite unusual, but it impressed.Reply
  3. Rouhe At the second tasting, the contrast between the nose and the palate was really obvious.... A rather aggressive nose, probably due to the alcohol degree. A great smoothness in the palate, despite the high degree of alcohol. The baijiu presents also some discrete licorice. The whole in a wonderfully complex context. A pleasant and rather long finish.Reply

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