Ming River Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Ming River Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Ming River Strong Aroma

Aroma: Strong Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 45%

Ingredients: Sorghum and large Qu

Tasting Notes: Hints of guava, melon, papaya and green apple peel.

Description: Ming River is a classic Sichuan baijiu. Using traditional methods passed down from master to apprentice for over twenty generations, Ming River is an authentic and uncompromising Chinese grain spirit.

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5 thoughts on “Ming River Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. Ming River Review Ming River was a bust on both senses. On the nose I get cling film, lead paint and old cheese. Not at all what I want! Tasting it I just get overpowered with sweet paint, overripe fruit and hot kerosine. Pretty undrinkable in my book.Reply
  2. Ming River Bought on Urban Drinks! Initially very sharp on the tongue but the aftertaste was awful. I honestly never had anything that tasted or affected me as this one. It will never be on my list.Reply
  3. Ming River Review Not that bad and not that good, I have tasted worse in China. It is what is it a mid range baijiu. Tasted a little synthetic but mixed well with cocktails. Just had to buy it to try it, if you want to experience Chinese style baijiu give it a go.Reply
    • Geoff, your comment is spoken with merit .I’m fortunate to have drank many types of baijui *due to my Chinese family* only then would you understand the taste and history behind this superb drink I’ve just opened this bottle will give you my thought soon .As a footnote you get what you pay for with baijui the cheap stuff is like petrol. However the medium range to expensive is something different .

  4. Good baijiu! Great strong aroma baijiu for the price despite the “only” 45% abv. Complex and lightly sweet with fruit, grass, and floral flavors - and a substantial finish. Like many complex spirits it took multiple exposures to appreciate. On first tasting, I thought “not bad!”. Now it’s a go-to. Tasted neat. In spite of the PR lean, I would not mix this anymore than I would a good scotch.Reply

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