Kinmen Kaoliang 58 Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Kinmen Kaoliang 58 Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Kinmen Kaoliang 58

Aroma: Light Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 58%

Ingredients: Sorghum

Tasting Notes: This baijiu has a smell of grain with a lasting finish.

Description: The Kinmen Kaoliang distillery is Taiwanese, and this is a typical gaoliang baijiu.

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5 thoughts on “Kinmen Kaoliang 58 Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews”

  1. Kinmen Kaoliang 58 PALATE: Smooth, rather grainy. It reveals progressively some herbal hints. FINISH:reveals barley and continues on fine dry fruit hints.Reply
  2. Kinmen Kaoliang 58 The spicy but rather vague nose evokes the barley with some difficult to define hints, probably some rather acid herb (?). The same feeling is present in the palate. The finish is relatively short, and here again, the barley with some dried fruit touches is present.Reply
  3. Kinmen Kaoliang 58 A first tasting gave a spicy nose, slightly citrus, followed by a taste confirming the good impression. The finish could be longer.Reply
  4. Kinmen Kaoliang 58 The nose is rather acidic but marked by citrus, on the background some orange hints. In the palate, the alcohol is mild. There is some bitterness as well. The finish is rather short and is marked by fruity notes.Reply
  5. Rich, full-flavored Kinmen Kaoliang Not sure what other reviews were thinking - I drink a lot of Baijiu and this is a very full-flavored, high alcohol level yet still balanced. This is a rich, lush and classically grained Baijiu.Reply

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