Baishaye Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baishaye Baijiu Chinese Liquor Reviews

Baijiu Brand Name: Baishaye

Aroma: Mixed Aroma Baijiu

ABV: 52%

Ingredients: Sorghum, wheat, glutinous rice

Tasting Notes: It has the nose of sauce aroma, but the sweetness of a strong aroma. The bottle is manufactured to look like a traditional gourd for carrying liquids.

Description: Founded in 1952 as the Changsha Distillery, now Baisha, it began to produce mixed aromas in the 1970s. It only produces several thousand tonnes yearly, so it is classed smallish in scale to some, but when a tonne equates to a thousand bottles, it seems quite large.

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  1. Baishaye The nose is very rich, and smells of fruity fragrances, but without any acidity with however a slightly spicy touch. In the palate, a pleasant sweetness and some discrete fruity hints. The finish is sweet and slightly spicy.Reply
  2. Baishaye The nose is marked by richness. It develops spicy (pepper) The mouth is smooth, with praline, bitter orange and nutty touches. It goes over to spices and undergrowth hints. The finish reveals a fine sweet touch.Reply
  3. Baishaye First nosing detects immediately slight citrus hints. The tasting just confirms the nosing. The peppery finish adds a taste contrasting with the citrus, the finish is long.Reply
  4. Baishaye baijiu This baijiu is very well balanced, and gives of lots of aromas. The nose is characterized by a remarkable complexity, combining fruit hints with some nutty touches. The palate is smooth, with a peppery finish, of long lengthReply
  5. Baishaye baijiu The tasting revealed the contrast between the smoothness of this baijiu from the very first nosing. In the palate, the wonderful little nut taste is emphasized by the ethanol degree, and creates a great memory of fruit and peppery finish.Reply

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